Procedure to log on to on-line medical claim / CHSS Declaration portal of VSSC

Pre-requisites before attempting logging on:

You have to register your mobile no with VSSC Internet Division at Thiruvananthapuram for which an email has to be sent to containing information as follows:

CHSS Card No:
Mobile No:

Or else, during office hours on working days, you can call up the VSSC Computer Division Help Desk land line no. 0471-2564564 or 0471-2564574 and share the above details. After 30 mins you will be able to log in by following the steps given below:

1. On clicking the blue box above, [Skip steps and go to "Log in" page], a new tab will open with the following log in space: (The old tab remains open with the help menu so that you can work on the new tab for logging in with the guidance from help tab)

2. Give username and password (both are same for first time logging in) as DPxxxxx where xxxxx will be your 5 digit VSSC CHSS medical card no.
(Please ignore the suggestion to use'VS' as prefix. It's incorrect for DAE Pensioners.)

3. a) On clicking “Sign in”, next page appears and ask to change the password (only first time).
Key in your own Password (minimum 8 characters long) and note down the new password for future log in.
3. b) On clicking “Sign in”, if you have already changed the password, next page appears, which is the OTP page.

4.By now, a 5 digit OTP would have come to your registered mobile . Enter in the space provided and click “Submit”. Else proceed as the screen suggests.

5. On successful submission of OTP, you will be taken to the log in page. Using the same user ID and your newly created password log in again. You will see the following page:

6. You have the menu on the left hand side. Select CHSS Claims or CHSS Declaration as you require. For online submission of Claims, click on CHSS Claims and it expands (see screenshot below). Select Online Claim Submission for medical claims. OR, if you want to submit the Annual Declaration, click on CHSS Declaration and the respective page will open up. You can fill in the required information and submit.

7. The following steps are for medical claim submission. Upon clicking the “Online Claim Submission”, next page appears as below (only first time. Next time onwards, it will directly go to the claim page shown at step 9).

8. Select Accounting unit from drop down menu as below and click save (only first time):

9. Then the claim page opens.

The page is menu driven and many fields are auto populated. For each claim, you will be allocated a new Document no. on submission. Please note it and write down on top of the respective claim form. Similarly, complete all claims, write down Document no. on all of them. On completion of all submissions, remember to log out! But before logging out, explore all the links, if you are curious and have time for surfing. All the filled in claims along with prescription and corresponding cash bills shall be sent to APEP by post.